AstroChina: Chinese Astrology on the iPhone

AstroChina, my first iPhone application released in October 2008, shows your sign & element and those of the year of your birth along with the phase of the moon on that day. This helps attain a higher level of understanding Chinese astrology so you can apply it to your own life and that of your peers. What is your sign in Chinese astrology? Enter your birth day, or someone else's, and find out about character and ruling elements and where in the 60 year cycle your birth took place.

AstroChina is usable in these languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.
Well known are the animals usually tied to a year:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig
Less known is that this is only part of the story. This is due to a simplified view on Chinese astrology, it figures that not everyone born in the same year has the same character. Interactions between solar and lunar cycles define character. A Chinese horoscope sign is defined at birth. Influence of personal traits and cyclic forces around us yield an interesting view on life.


In fact the "four column" method yields much more information, but knowledge about this is not widely spread, also due to the complexity of the Chinese calendar. Chinese Astrology is based on yin & yang and the five elements metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Apprentices in Taoism and divination with the I Ching might be interested in an explanation of this intricate concept presented here on

Generous, Warm, Persuasive, Co-operative, Seeks to Expand and Grow
  • Idealistic, Ethical, Enthusiastic, Seeks to Explore
  • The East(東)
  • Spring(春)
  • Azure Dragon(青龍)
  • The Planet Jupiter (木星)
  • The Colour Green(緑)
  • Liver(肝) and gallbladder(胆)

  • Dynamic, Humanitarian, Enterprising, Adventurous, Restless
  • Competitive, Leadership Skills, Strong, Single-minded, Loves a good laugh
  • The South(南)
  • Summer(夏)
  • Vermilion Bird(朱雀)
  • The Planet Mars(火星)
  • The Colour Red(赤)
  • Circulatory system & Heart(心)

  • Powerful, Patient, Militaristic, Prideful, Prudent, Stable, Reliable, Hard-working, Ambitious, Stubborn, Seeks to Conquer
  • Disciplined, Rigid, Controlling, Tenacious, Logical, Governed by Service and Duty to Others
  • Centre(中)
  • Three Enclosures, Change of seasons
  • The Yellow Dragon(黄龙)
  • The Planet Saturn(土星)
  • The Colour Yellow(意)
  • Digestive system, Spleen(脾) and stomach(胃)

  • Determined, Self-reliant, Unyielding, Strong, Tenacious, Forceful
  • Reserved, Needs Personal Space, Sophisticated, Seeks pleasure, caring, respectful
  • The West(西)
  • Autumn(秋)
  • White Tiger(白虎)
  • The Planet Venus(金星)
  • The Colour White(白)
  • Respiratory system & Lungs(肺)

  • Secretive, Self-destructive, Charming, Intuitive, Deceptive, Passive-Aggressive, Compassionate, Sensitive, Creative
  • Flexible, Addictive, Manipulative, Compliant, Eloquence, Intellectual, Betrayal
  • The North (北)
  • Winter(冬)
  • Black Tortoise(玄武)
  • The Planet Mercury(水星)
  • The Color Black(黑)
  • Skeletal(骨)/Excretory System & Lungs

Chinese Astrology is ancient knowledge and more information is readily available on the internet, some links for the interested users:

Wiktionary helped me getting the Chinese characters right.

The Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar

Wikipedia has more detailed information available in these languages: English Deutsch Español Português Français Nederlands Italiano