My first app in 2008! Chinese Astrology: sun and moon define changes and chances in life, they influence spheres and moods. For any day in this era AstroChina will show you the moon phase and Chinese star signs with their ruling elements. Share the sign and element that define your day on Twitter or Facebook. More...


Do two lovers match? AstroLove shows your "alchemical chemistry" with the one you hope to be the one and only. Check out your astrological compatibility. Both your star signs will tell something about your chances, as they are defining the basic elements of your personality and the forces working for or against you. More...


Select a Chakra for a short meditation with music and animation, while balancing you can relax a bit. This is an experimental concept app by Bas Meijer. More...

Foto Flow

Enjoy an interesting photo show every day. You don't need to do anything.... It just runs, by magic. Just watch it full screen, for inspiration, illumination, and entertainment.
Foto Flow provides an automatic full screen slideshow for 500 beautiful, amazing, moving, striking pictures. New ones every day.


The most complete implementation of the iChing available on iPhone: a work of love and great patience. The ancient text explains the universe, your faith and fortune can be read by the iChing. More...