Math apps on the iPhone/iPod

As a caring parent I tried to find some apps that would educate my children in a fun way while improving their math skills, each at their own level. The oldest child ready to go to grammar school wanting to be a lawyer or a tax accountant for a Swiss insurance firm, the younger ones still in elementary school, but aspiring to do real estate planning or building development. So I was looking for apps that would offer learning the basics and hopefully beyond, in a pleasant way. So that they (ultimately) know what it takes to build a home, or maybe even some things like mortgages, investments, pension planning. After all there are many apps, some do what they should, some don’t, but some are developed with extra polish, you know the eye-candy and the special touch that we all appreciate on the iPhone.

Training basic skills with drills

Apps can be great to improve the basic drills, repeating the series of exercises in a way that should not bore. Not all succeed in this, but Kopfnuss is the best attempt so far, and this app rules the rankings for months now.

ArithmeTickMath MagicKopfnuss
ArithmeTick’s drills on this "Einstein" level are not advanced at all. So suitable only for the very youngMath Magic has more control over the skill level and also the range of numbers. The app is more polishedKopfnuss is the math drill program of choice as it trains on more types of problems beyond the basics, and it keeps statistics for multiple users

Inspiring to go further

Although lots of math drills are required for every person to learn the basics, once you know arithmetic you might find it interesting to learn a bit more. Can you ask for "route 89" in France? Talkulator will help you learn the numbers, with speech in 7 languages.

TalkulatorGraphbookNine Gaps
TalkulatorGraphbookNine Gaps
Learn the numbers and basic math in foreign languages French, Spanish, Italian, GermanInteractive graphing examples that might inspire further study.This is a game similar to Sudoku, but while playing you have to use your math skills! Well done.

More Advanced

These apps are useful before going to high school, and well after.

RekenruimteEquation GeniusWolfram Alpha
RekenruimteEquation GeniusWolfram Alpha
Rekenruimte (Dutch) helps assess your level when you go to high school.Equation Genius is a solver that should not be allowed in class.Wolfram Alpha is the ultimate math tool!

Mathematical Reference

Math reference apps don’t teach math, they only serve the people that already know math. They often no more advanced that some photocopied text book material. But iMathematics has a beautiful interface.

Mathematical FormulasiFormulasiMathematics