Diner Dictionary: 7 language gourmet dictionary with speech

Eat everywhere and let your iPhone help you order food in 7 major languages.
What is on the menu abroad? How to pronounce the names of meat cuts and fruits? Let the iPhone speak for you! Shop abroad. Translate your menu for tourists, cook international cuisines. Communicate globally about food! Very practical on holidays, and indispensable for travel in Europe.

Diner Dictionary is totally cross language and lists a wide variety of food items, ingredients, cooking terms and is a serious and also a unique translation resource in the domain of food. You can set a base language independently of the language of translation when you eat in Switzerland, Belgium or another bi-lingual region where you know some words in each language and like some more support. For instance you can simply show the way of cooking the beef to the waiter in large type.

The app is complete and does not sell any item, nor does it support other services, brands, or vendors. I made it because I needed this myself. I simply love to try new food myself, but my family members rather stick to what they know they like. All voice samples are included, for all languages. Although it is possible to download 20 Mb on a mobile network, better prepare your journey by downloading at home or on a free wireless network access point.

International reviews by users:

"Dopo quest'ultimo aggiornamento é diventato uno strumento perfetto! Corretti tutti i difetti. Finalmente quando cenerò all'estero non avrò più problemi nel leggere il menù! Applicazione davvero ben fatta, utilissima e molto funzionale! Complimenti!!!" Italy

"Die Zweiwege-Übersetzung war für mich zuerst etwas schwer zu finden, ist aber wie versprochen vorhanden. Das Programm ist sehr praktisch, mit großem Lexikon; auch grafisch sehr ansprechend gestaltet." Austria

"Wat mij betreft een aanrader. Iets wat ik al een tijdje zocht en eindelijk gevonden." Nederland

"Pretty cool program for an international foodie." U.S.A.

"This dictionary is very easy to use. You look for what you want in your native language [either by typing it in or following the menu], and then you easily find out what it's called in the foreign language (or vice versa). This is ideal for someone who travels to another country and wants to know what the menu says [or at least have some idea of what it says]. Unfortunately, the scope is limited to objects not techniques. That is, you can find out what the meat is (ie, beef, chicken, game, etc) and in some cases even the cut (eg, chicken breast, pork chops, etc)"
United Kingdom

Concept, translation database, graphics, app development: Bas Meijer
Native gourmets: Jane, Andreas, Pierre, François, Goncalo, Inez, Lieto, Nikos
Icons: Maurice
Flag icons by icondrawer.com
Tab icons by glyphish.com