ABC Alphabet: handwriting in 28 languages on the iPhone

ABC Alphabet includes a couple of activities to learn the alphabet. International telephone alphabet spellings included.
ABC Alphabet allows you child to learn the abc, or the αβγ, or the абг, and so on. This app was created for a global audience, and most languages with an alphabet of some kind are supported, except for Chinese and Japanese. The current version has eight scripts sorted by Language and supports voice in eight of them.

Learning the letter shapes and the correct pronunciation, just start learning to hand write them by painting on the screen.Just draw the letters and learn how to spell.


As I don’t speak all languages, let alone in your preferred pronunciation, there is some homework for you to do to prepare a fun alphabet for your child. You can record your own voice to create a sound for each letter in your language and custom for your child, just start writing and recording for your child: A is an Apple and B is a Banana, Then with another activity you can both listen to all the letters, or start drawing the letter shapes.