This app speaks documents for you and pronounces the text in a choice of voices. You can save the audio to file. And it is very easy to start, stop and select another voice, and change the speed of reading. Nice for kids, great writing tool, for presenters and as a media production utility.

Speech examples generated with Read4Me

Australian, British English, Dutch, English, French, German, Irish English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Scottish English, Spanish, Swedish,


  • Listen to documents
  • MS Word, Rich Text Format, plain text
  • Export AIF sound files and AudioBook
  • Spell checking
  • Fonts, rulers, colors
  • Speech in 27 languages (on Lion and Mountain Lion, requires large download from Apple)
  • Highlight spoken words
  • Spell words
  • VoiceCoach for tag editing
  • Advanced tag parser for speech customization
  •